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Category of interest (รายการแนะนำ)

Immaculate Detached 2.5 story house 6 years old.Located in a prestigious fully secure
Village 40 mins from Pattaya.Has pool,Tenis ct and Basketball.Free Quality Furnishings = Value 250,000 ฿. A short drive to quality.

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CDR01... Brand new studio for rent .Locate Leamthan bangsaen Beach road .(40 sq.m ).Price to rent 16,000 B/Month

รหัส CDR01.....ห้องสตูดิโอ ให้เช่าอยู่แหลมแท่น ถนนหาดบางแสน (40 ตร.ม) ราคาเช่า : 14,000 บาท/เดือน........More info




Fully-furnished and air-conditioned property for long term rental in Bangsaen. 
Well-presented property in a sought-after development offered for long term rental in the Bangsaen area. 
Conveniently located on the Nongmon bypass, less than an hour's drive from the Amata Nakhon


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About Bangsaen!

Bangsaen is a quiet beach resort in Chonburi District, 1 hour’s drive from Bangkok, 45 minutes from Suwannaphomi Airport, and 35 minutes from Pattaya.